New guest professor: Prof. Rajakumara Eerappa

  Professor Schwaneberg, Professor Eerappa, and Dr. Davari Copyright: © BioVI Professor Schwaneberg, Professor Eerappa, and Dr. Davari

The Schwaneberg group welcomes our new guest Professor Dr. Rajakumara Eerappa from India.

Professor Eerappa is an associate professor at Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad. His research focuses on biochemical, biophysical and computational approaches to unravel the mechanistic insights into functioning of biological macromolecules. He is visiting our group with a prestigious DAAD scholarship from May 17th 2019 to June 15th 2019. The general purpose of Professor Eerappa’s visit is to build a strong foundation for collaborations between the two research groups and for submission of collaborative grant proposals. Professor Eerappa will stay in the Computational Biology during his visit with us.

Welcome, Professor Eerappa!