BioTransPol conference in Cologne


The EFB Biocatalysis Division and the EFB Biobased Materials Division are delighted to invite you to Biocatalysis for the Biological Transformation of Polymer Science conference. The event will take place on 27-29 of June in the cosmopolitan and open-minded city of Cologne, Germany, at the venue Cologne Marriott Hotel located in the center of the city. Our mission is to foster the convergence of Biocatalysis and Polymer Science disciplines to elevate and discuss possible solutions to global and socio-ecological challenges of our society in order to achieve a more sustainable circular economy and greener future. The format promotes the interaction between prestigious scientists and leading experts in the fields and opens up a forum for early career scientist to share their newest scientific results. In addition to case studies from EU-funded projects, the conference wants to pinpoint how industry deals with Bioeconomy and provides valuable insight in the emerging and growing startup landscape. The conference will feature a broad forum with invited lectures on polymer building blocks from renewable resources, discovery of enzymes and microbes for polymer synthesis and degradation, glycopolymers and their applications, biocatalysis and computational understanding of polymer-enzyme interaction and include plenary lectures by reputed scientists. Beside the invited presentations, the committee welcomes all scientist from academia and industry to submit abstracts and present their original research.


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