Congratulations to Ulrich Markel for his successful defense!

  Professor and students with doctoral hats. Copyright: © Bio VI From left to right, Ulrich Markel, Francisca Contreras, Ulrich Schwaneberg.

We are pleased to announce that Ulrich Markel has successfully defended his doctoral thesis in the presence of family, friends and colleagues.

His PhD thesis is entitled " Directed evolution of decarboxylase OleT and nitrobindin hybrid catalysts". During his doctoral thesis, Ulrich investigated the directed evolution of the decarboxylase OleT and biohybrid catalysts.

Ulrich’s PhD thesis resulted in five first author publications: Towards the Evolution of Artificial Metalloenzymes - A Protein Engineer´s Perspective, Advances in ultrahigh-throughput screening for directed enzyme evolution, A Photoclick-Based High-Throughput Screening for the Directed Evolution of Decarboxylase OleT, Chemogenetic Evolution of a Peroxidase-like Artificial Metalloenzyme, and Engineering and emerging applications of artificial metalloenzymes with whole cells.

Ulrich was part of the Next Generation Biocatalysis division and accomplished his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Johannes Schiffels and Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg. The entire Schwaneberg group congratulates Ulrich on his success and wishes him all the best for his future.