Congratulations to Lina Apitius for her successful PhD defense!


We are delighted to announce that our PhD fellow Lina Apitius successfully graduated on the 18th January 2019 in presence of family, friends, and colleagues.

Her work is entitled “Engineered adhesion peptides for functionalization of natural surfaces, polymers, and metal alloys” and focuses on the application of anchor peptides for the functionalization of surfaces, improving their binding through directed evolution campaign using the Peptide-Polymer evolution protocol, in short PePevo protocol, established by her and Dr. Rübsam. Her studies resulted in two publications: Directed evolution of polypropylene and polystyrene binding peptides and Targeting microplastic particles in the void of diluted suspensions.

Lina worked in the division of Biohybrid Systems under the supervision of Dr. Felix Jakob.

The whole Schwaneberg group congratulates Lina for her achievement and wishes all the best and good fortune for her future. Well done, Lina!


Impressions of Lina Apitius's doctoral examination