Functionalization of polymers - Teilprojekt F

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FuPol stands for functionalization of polymers. Tailor-made enzymes should be developed for suitable functionalization of different polymers intended for industrial use, such as in construction, chemistry, laundry and textiles. Natural and synthetic polymers would be modified in an environmentally friendly way for sustainable industrial application for product and process innovations. The technology platform will be established in close cooperation within industrial and academic partners in four part projects. The Schwaneberg group at DWI-Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials participates in all four part projects working with enzymes like laccases, sulfotransferases, esterases and cutinases as well as with anchor peptides. Among the industrial partners AB Enzymes GmbH, evoxx GmbH, Henkel AG & Co KGaA and Coats GmbH are part of FuPol. In the phase 1 international companies like EMPA und Sika Technology AG are also partners of FuPol. Besides DWI-Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials, University of Leipzig and University of Hamburg are the academic partners of the FuPol alliance. The five year successful period of phase 1 was proceeded by phase 2 with a duration of two years. FuPol is partially financed by the federal ministry of education and research.