Business Case Evaluation: P-Retrieval from renewable sources, i.e. rape press cake


Phosphate is a non-renewable resource essential to our high-performance agriculture. Current estimates reveal that the world`s phosphate resources may last for 50 to 100 years at the current rate of consumption.

Within the BusinessP project, the Schwaneberg work group investigates the isolation of phosphate from rape seed press cake and coarse meal. We will analyze both enzymes, i.e. phytases and early-stage processing methods - milling, precipitation, solvent extraction - to generate reliable data for economic assessments. Our cooperation partners from the Bröring work group of RFWU Bonn University will analyze value chains, valorization potential, market entry and the patent landscape. The Cluster Industrial Biotechnology - CLIB - arranges the dissemination by organizing workshop that identify valorization potentials and facilitate a transfer of the generated data into industrial follow-up projects.