Congratulations to Kevin Herrmann on his PhD defense!


We are pleased to announce that Kevin Herrmann has successfully defended his PhD thesis. His dissertation is entitled "Phytase engineering for efficient phosphate recovery from press cakes". In the course of this work, he optimized phytases for efficient dephosphorylation of phytate using directed evolution. Parts of his work and results were published in two manuscripts: "Phytase-based phosphorus recovery process for 20 distinct press cakes" and "Engineered phytases for emerging biotechnological applications beyond animal feeding".

Kevin worked in the Molecular Bioeconomy department under the supervision of Dr. Joelle Ruff and Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg. He will continue to support our team as a postdoc.

We congratulate Kevin on his success and wish him all the best for his future. Well done Kevin!

  Prof. Schwaneberg, Kevin Herrmann and Joelle Ruff Copyright: © BIO VI Kevin presents his PhD hat after successful defense: Prof. Schwaneberg, Kevin Herrmann, and Dr. Joelle Ruff.