Bio4MatPro – Competence Center for Biological Transformation of Materials Science and Production Engineering

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The new homepage of Bio4MatPro is now online!

The competence center Bio4MatPro unites the expertise of leading large companies and SMEs, the international technology and service center (its Baesweiler) as well as excellent scientists of the RWTH Aachen in a growing innovation network, and connects this via a venture capital accelerator with investors' funds. The thematic focus of the competence center Bio4MatPro is the resources change management: by using local, renewable raw materials instead of oil-based basic materials, new production technologies will be developed to produce high-quality bio-based products in different industrial sectors.

Through the establishment of start-ups and new business models in existing companies, Bio4MatPro will create more than 550 jobs in the region within six years: from skilled workers in production, sales and purchasing, to specialists in research and development, to assistants and support staff. As part of a project family, Bio4MatPro partners have access to two planned pilot plants in NRW, so that new processes and commercial technologies can be developed rapidly.

  Prof. Schwaneberg presents the Bio4MatPro competence center (German language).
  Copyright: © BIO VI The bio-based product innovations developed in the competence center Bio4MatPro can be used in a variety of industrial applications: from textiles to chemistry to medicine.

If you would like to find out more about the Bio4MatPro project, which was awarded the third star by the Supervisory Board of the Zukunftsagentur Rheinisches Revier, or if you would like to become part of this forward-looking network, please contact us: Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg (speaker), Chair of Biotechnology, RWTH Aachen University,, Prof. Thomas Bergs (WZL, Fraunhofer IPT), Dennis Herzberg (CLIB2021).

Prof. Schwaneberg in conversation with Ralph Caspers on YouTube (German language):


Integration of the Bio4MatPro into the project family "Bio-economy" in the Rhineland

The competence center Bio4MatPro is part of a whole project family around the topic "bio-economy" that has been developed in the Rhineland. All subprojects have in common that they will use renewable instead of oil-based raw materials as source materials for novel products. The figure below clearly shows how the individual projects are linked together and which persons act as reference members between the subprojects in order to promote synergies and minimize overlaps in content. The regular exchange of current knowledge within the project family "bio-economy" will contribute to the continuous development of the competence center Bio4MatPro. Through the development of production technologies and mechanical engineering to produce bio-functionally integrated materials/products for selected key industries in the region (textile, chemistry or medicine), Bio4MatPro maintains its unique characteristics and contributes to the development of innovative products and production technologies based on local renewable raw materials for a sustainable and circular bio-economy in the Rhineland.

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