Boost Fund: Bacterial protein production for the sustainable molecular conversion of plant raw materials

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Plant-derived biomass represents an invaluable feedstock for bioeconomic processes and its degradation is usually accomplished by a combination of chemical and enzymatic reactions. This project aims to develop a novel technology platform providing plant biomass degrading enzymes. The platform comprises a comprehensive data base of new enzyme-encoding genes as well as a biosensor-based high-throughput screening system for enzyme production, secretion and process development. Hence, this technology platform represents an important contribution to a sustainable industrial biotechnology and thereby contributes to a major aim of the Bioeconomy Science Center.

The scientific activities of the Bioeconomy Science Center were financially supported by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Resesarch within the framework of the NRW Strategieprojekt BioSC (No. 313/323‐400‐002 13).