Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018 for Directed Evolution of Enzymes

Congratulation my PostDoc mentor Prof. Frances Arnold to the Nobel prize in Chemistry 2018 for the directed evolution of enzymes! 

- Ulrich Schwaneberg

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Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate

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Job Offers

No matter if you are studying or looking for a Postdoc positon: Our latest job offers, bachelor and masters positions can be found here:

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Grants and Awards

Together with our scientists and students the Schwaneberg group is pleased to announce our latest awards, prices and grants.

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Research highlights

The BiFuProt surface coating platform was highly appreciated in a recent news article published by Science as a new plant protection technology.

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FocusLab greenRelease

The aim of the FocusLab greenRelease is to significantly reduce fungicide and herbicide usage and thereby contributing to a sustainable agriculture and bioeconomy.

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CSC fellows welcome!

The Schwaneberg group welcomes and supports Chinese students in the application process for CSC fellowships.

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Antifragile Production

Addressing Challenges of a Complex and Volatile Environment with Concepts from Biology

In biology, there are systems that take advantage of volatility and stressors. Within the framework of a recently started project, the WZL, the Chair of Biotechnology as well as the Chair of Theory of Science and Technology of the RWTH Aachen University are now carrying out the preliminary work for future research projects that want to transfer these mechanisms from nature to production.

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