Congratulations to Yu Ji for her successful PhD defense!


We are happy to announce that Yu Ji successfully graduated.

Her work is entitled “Protein engineering of a sulfotransferase and a monooxygenase for the synthesis of high value chemicals”. Yu engineered two enzymes: aryl sulfotransferase and the monooxygenase P450. Her studies resulted in the following publications: “Directed aryl sulfotransferase evolution toward improved sulfationstoichiometry on the example of catechols” and “Directed OmniChange Evolution Converts P450BM3 into an Alkyltrimethylammonium Hydroxylase”.

Yu worked in the division of Hybrid Catalysis & High Throughput Screening under the guidance of Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg.

The whole Schwaneberg group congratulates Yu Ji for her achievement and wishes all the best and good luck for his future. Well done, Yu!