Congratulations to Stephanie Mertens for her successful PhD defense!


We are delighted to announce that our PhD fellow Stephanie Mertens successfully graduated on the 17th December 2019 in presence of family, friends and colleagues.

Her work is entitled “Combination of bio- and metal catalysts in chemoenzymatic cascade reactions”. Stephanie investigated a chemoenzymatic cascade reaction comprising of Cu scorpionate catalyzed Sonogashira cross-coupling and a subsequent P450 monooxygenase mediated oxidation. Furthermore, she optimized production of symmetrical stilbene derivatives in a two-step one-pot cascade reaction based on enzymatic decarboxylation of cinnamic acid followed by olefin cross metathesis. Her studies resulted in two publications: “One-pot Two-step Chemoenzymatic Cascade for the Synthesis of a Bis-benzofuran Derivative” and “Chemoenzymatic cascade for stilbene production from cinnamic acid catalyzed by ferulic acid decarboxylase and an artificial metathease”.

Stephanie worked in the division of Hybrid Catalysis and High Throughput Screening under the supervision of Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg.

The whole Schwaneberg group congratulates Stephanie for her achievement and wishes all the best and good fortune for her future. Well done, Stephi!