Biadhesive Peptides for Assembling Stainless Steel and Compound Loaded Micro-Containers


Congratulations to Lina Apitius on her recent publication!

  PCL binds on stainless steel via anchor peptide. Copyright: © Macromolecular Bioscience

In medical applications, devices such as implants have to be bio-functionalized to increase compatibility in the human body. In this publication, we designed and applied biocompatible biadhesive peptides (peptesives) for functionalization of bare-metal surfaces. The peptesives are composed of two anchor peptide domains with different material-binding properties. The anchor peptides were selected as adhesion promoters for two chemically different materials, stainless steel and polycaprolactone. Stainless steel is commonly used as backbone for medical stents and the biodegradable polymer polycaprolactone is applied for the fabrication of tissue growth scaffolds and drug-delivering micro-containers. For the construction of peptesives, five potential anchor peptides were fused to the fluorescent reporter protein eGFP and the binding to stainless steel and polycaprolactone was investigated by confocal microscopy. A selective stainless steel binding peptide (Dermaseptin S1) and polycaprolactone-binding peptides (LCI, Tachystatin A2 and Thanatin) were genetically fused as peptesives using the spacer helix Domain Z (DZ) for functional separation. The Dermaseptin S1-DZ-LCI-mediated assembly of kanamycin-loaded PCL micro-containers on stainless steel was visualized by Field Emission Scanning Force Microscopy and fluorescent microscopy. The antimicrobial effect of functionalized stainless steel with immobilized kanamycin-loaded micro-containers was shown by growth inhibition of E. coli DSM 498 cells.

This work was realized in the division of Biohybrid Systems and was financially supported by AiF (IGF-Vorhaben 18180 N) and “FuPol” [FKZ: 031A227F].

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Apitius L., Buschmann S., Bergs C., Schönauer D., Jakob F., Pich A.* and Schwaneberg U.*; Biadhesive Peptides for Assembling Stainless Steel and Compound Loaded Micro-Containers; Macromolecular Bioscience , 2019

* shared corresponding authorship