Hybrid catalysis & High-throughput screening

We are developing artificial metalloenzymes and robust high throughput screening platforms for directed enzyme evolution.

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Molecular Bioeconomy

Our methods for diversity generation are used to tailor enzymes for an integrated and sustainable bioeconomy

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Biohybrid Systems at DWI

We engineer proteins, enzymes and peptides to develop biohybrid materials with tailor-made properties and functionalities.

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Next Generation Biocatalysis

We develop new enzymatic reactions or reaction cascades, methods and technologies to overcome the limitations of aqueous biotransformations.

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Computational Biology

Division Computational Biology © Copyright: BioVI

We focus on the analysis and prediction of protein variant properties & characteristics by applying computational methods.

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Publications and Patents

We are experts in protein engineering with a focus on directed evolution approaches and semirational or rational design. Our research includes empirical and computational method development, and the application of the latter to ultimately generate enzyme variants with tailored characteristics. Computational methods further serve to solve structure/function relationships of targeted enzymes. The research output of the group is reflected by over 200 peer-reviewed articles and over 20 filed patents.

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„Let's keep in touch“.

Have a look for our fomer PhDs, PostDocs, and technical assistants.


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Grants and Awards

Together with our scientists and students the Schwaneberg group is pleased to announce our latest awards, prices and grants.

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Research highlights

The BiFuProt surface coating platform was highly appreciated in a recent news article published by Science as a new plant protection technology.

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Visiting Scientists

We are proudly welcoming our visiting scientists.

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Currently running projects in the Schwaneberg Lab - funded by BMBF, BioSc, DFG, BMWI, DBU, EU, as well as industrial coorperations.

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Recent Graduates

Congratulations to our recently graduated coworkers.