Practical Courses


Exercise About Fundamentals in Biotechnology, 2 h/w during the winter semester

Content of this exercise refer to taught topics of the lecture “Fundamentals in Biotechnology”. The following subjects are deepened and partly experimentally demonstrated: Gas chromatography-coupled mass spectrometry, microorganisms and their cultivation, high pressure liquid chromatography, fermentation, molecular biology methods, proteins and enzymes, protein purification, enzyme immobilization and structural biology.


Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 4 weeks full-time during the winter semester

Students majoring in different subjects like biology, biotechnology and chemical engineering work in small groups of four persons on complex processes in biotechnology and biochemical engineering. Conducting experiments in bioreactors using different microorganisms and different modes of fermentation, the growth and production rate is determined, the mass balance of the metabolism is calculated, and the oxygen supply quantified.