Fundamentals in Biotechnology, 2 h/w during the winter semester

In this lecture an introduction into the fields of biotechnology is given. Further chapters deal with amino acids, proteins, enzymes, bacteria, yeasts, molds, cell cultures and viruses. The typical growth of microorganisms, fermentation technology and downstream processing is explained as well as the immobilization of biocatalysts, basics of molecular biotechnology and bioinformatics.


Production Processes and Omics-Technologies, 2 h/w during the summer semester

In this lecture the basics of the lecture “Fundamentals in Biotechnology” are deepened. Classical production processes as well as topics like synthetic biology, metabolic engineering and omics-technologies are introduced and fundamentals in environmental biotechnology are presented.


Enzyme Technology, 2 h/w during the winter semester

The main topics of this lecture are fundamental principles and methods for the exploitation and application of enzymes as biocatalysts. For example enzyme kinetics, production and purification of biocatalysts are discussed. The industrial application of enzymes is also covered by the course.