Completed projects

  • BiFuProts
    Boost Fund: Bifunctional Fusion Proteins for Plant Protection
  • BioCAPs
    Seed Fund: Structural Insights into Biohybrid Catalysts for Polylactide Synthesis
  • BIOExpresSPro
    Boost Fund: Bacterial protein production for the sustainable molecular conversion of plant raw materials
  • BioSAF
    Seed Fund: Carotenoid cleaving enzymes for efficient biosynthesis of Saffron
  • BioSulfa
    Effiziente Sulfatierung von Biomolekülen
  • Chiral Membranes I
    Base technologies research tandem: Chirale Membranes
  • EnzyAPart
    Enzymbaukasten zum Abbau von PE- und PUR-Micropartikeln
  • FuPol
    Funktionalization of polymers
  • Golgi Glykan Fabrik 2.0
    Golgi Glykan Basistechnologien Kooperationsprojekt
  • HA-Pol-ER
    Multi enzyme membrane reactor for the synthesis of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid polymers for cosmetics and medicine
  • HICAST Henkel Innovation Campus for Advanced and Sustainable Technologies
  • Hyaluronan
    Development of a novel biotechnological process for the production of hyaluronic acid
  • iVDT2
    Basistechnologien Kooperationsprojekt iVDTV2: ln vitro Durchmusterungstechnologieplattformen für Gelenkte Evolution und Zellfreie Metagenomik- Teilvorhaben A
  • MoRe-Plants
    Boost Fund: Towards Alkaloids: Monooxygenases from Plants in Reaction Cascades
  • P-ENG
    Boost Fund: Efficient phosphate recovery from agro waste streams by enzyme, strain, and process engineering
  • PhytaPhoS
    Boost Fund: Optimizing the Phosphorus cycle in the Sugar beet production process by phytase supplement
  • RIPE
    Boost Fund: Ripening delay of climateric fruits by peptides
    Expanding the industrial use of Robust Oxidative Biocatalysts for the conversion and production of alcohols
  • SeleCa
    Selectivity in Chemo-and Biocatalysis
  • Zyklobox
    Sustainable production of cyclic dinucleotide derivatives using a cyclase toolbox