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Are you interested in working at the Institute of Biotechnology?

We periodically have new positions opening up‎, and are always looking for motivated new team members. Applications are always welcome! Please send your application documents (including a short motivation letter, curriculum vitae, and relevant certificates) to: . We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The following positions are currently on vacancy:

PostDoc and PhD positions:

If you are interested in joining our interdisciplinary research team, please send your applications including a short motivation letter and three references to the abovementioned Email address.

We continuously invite unsolicited applications at any time!

Bachelor & Master theses:

Revolutionize In Vitro Diagnostics with Cutting-Edge SPR Technology (Master Thesis)

Cyborg bacteria capable of performing synthesis in organic solvents (Master Thesis)

Enzymatic polymerization for thin film coatings (Master Thesis)

Engineering of eGFP with reduced non-specific binding to various surfaces (Bachelor-/Master Thesis)

Development of a biosensor receptor for in​secticides and mycotoxins (Master Thesis/Internship)

Developing superhydrophobic/oleophobic coatings for food-contact applications (Master Thesis/Internship)

Develop a renewable surface coating using ILs-tolerant/resistance laccases (Master Thesis/Internship)

Please feel free to also search the central RWTH webserver (advertisements placed there are not being updated by the institute of biotechnology).

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