Stephanie Mertens's Japan Trip


As part of the international research training group „Selectivity in Chemo- and Biocatalysis“ - SeleCa - , Stephanie Mertens joins the Institute of Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry in the group of Prof. Hayashi for three months. In the last five weeks, she was trained in methods at the interface of biology and chemistry through her work with biohybrid catalysts.

What is the big difference in German and Japanese culture? “Japanese people show a lot of consideration towards each other. If you ask strangers for the way, it’s not unusual that they join you to find your destination. You don’t experience this often in Germany.”

And the most curious meal? “It required quite some courage to try out gyutan (roasted cow tongue), but you definitely should try! It’s amazing.”


Picture gallery of Stephanie Mertens`s trip to Japan