Project greenRelease receives the 2018 Innovation reward of the BioRegionen Deutschland


Congratulations to Dr. Felix Jakob, Prof. Andrij Pich and Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg

The Schwaneberg group is proud to announce that the project greenRelease was awarded with the Innovationspreis der BioRegionen Deutschland during this year´s edition of the Deutschen Biotechnologietage in Berlin, the price which carries a value of 2,000 € was presented to Dr. Felix Jakob and Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg.

The Innovationspreis has been awarded for the 11th time and acknowledges the three most innovative ideas and patents developed in the BioRegions. It is sponsored by the German science magazine BIOspektrum.

The Arbeitskreis der BioRegionen in Germany is an association of the BioRegionen in Germany located at the Biotechnologie-Industrie-Organisation Deutschland e. V. (BIO Deutschland) in Berlin. The 31 members of the association primarily support financing, founding and technology transfer as well as representation of the German biotechnological industries.

  Photo of the Innovationspreis laureates 2018 Copyright: © S. Kurc Photo of the 2018 Innovationspreis award ceremony. Left to right: greenRelease team members Prof. U. Schwaneberg, Dr. F. Jakob, Prof. A. Pich and BIOspektrum Chief editor C. Schreiber

The Innovationspreis of the BioRegions in Germany is awarded to outstanding research in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences […] In this year, it was especially hard for the judges to select the laureates among a large list of excellent applications”

– Dr. Hinrich Harbeck, Speaker of the Arbeitskreis der BioRegionen Deutschland e.V.

The greenRelease technology awarded with this price consists of a universally chargeable microgel container which protects active compounds from adverse environmental conditions and releases them on demand. The second component consists of “anchor peptides” that attach the microgel containers to a large variety of crops and facilitates rainfastness.

This project is catered for by the division Biohybrid Systems of the Schwaneberg group and conducted in cooperation with the DWI - Leibniz Insitute for Interactive Materials e.V. and SFB 985 „Functional Microgels and Microgel Systems“ (DFG) as well as financed by the the Bioeconomy Science Center (BioSC). The resulting technology minimizes the loss of active compounds (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides) into the environment, improves plant compatibility and ensures adjustable biodegradability of the microgel containers.

Interested in the greenRelease-Technology? Please find further information on our website. A detailed description of the award ceremony and the laureates can be found here.

Congratulations, Dr. Felix Jakob, Prof. Andrij Pich and Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg.