Congratulations to Yunus Ensari on his successful PhD defence!


Tebrikler, Yunus Ensari!

Photo of Dr. Yunus Ensari with hat Copyright: © Bio VI

The Schwaneberg group is proud to announce that our PhD student Yunus Ensari successfully defended his PhD work today.

His work was entitled "Synthesis of oxo-fatty acid esters in a whole cell cascade reactions with engineered monooxygenase (P450 BM3) and dehydrogenase (cpADH5) variants" and included studies such as the engineering of a Candida parapsilosis alcohol dehydrogenase for the conversion of methyl 3-hydroxyalcanoates.

Yunus Ensari is leaving our work group for the city of Kars in Northeastern Turkey, where he will continue his career as an assistant professor at the Kafkas University.

Congratulations and all the best, Yunus!


Picture gallery of Yunus Ensari´s PhD defence