Chiral Membranes II

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Follow-up project successfully granted!

In nature, ions and chiral molecules are selectively transported via channel proteins through biological membranes. The aim of the BMBF-funded tandem project Chirale Membranen II” ( grant number 031B0559) is the generation of large-scale membranes using protein-polymer building blocks for chiral separation of versatile enantiomeric amino acid mixtures. The group of Prof. Schwaneberg , from RWTH Aachen University, and Prof. Böker , from IAP Fraunhofer in Potsdam, achieved crucial basic results (published, basic patent filed), which were applied and extended in this follow-up project. The binding of the polymer chains and protein channels is performed by our tandem partner group (polymer chemists) and resulted building blocks are used to investigate large-scale membranes in two parallel approaches (on supports up to 40 m²). The production technology of protein channels will be scaled-up based on the example of the chiral separation of D/L-arginine with modified enantioselectivity to show general feasibility and attract industrial interest. In case of success, it is aimed to commercialize the novel selective protein-polymer membranes.

This project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research with a total sum of 2,000,000 €. The Schwaneberg group is the coordinator of this project.

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