Congratulations to Mrs. Pennings to 25 years of service at the RWTH!


Mrs. Pennings is officially working in our institute for a quarter of a century

Mrs. Pennings Copyright: © Bio VI

The Schwaneberg group would like to thank Mrs. Marie-Luise Pennings, our lab technician, who recently celebrated her 25th anniversary of service at the RWTH Aachen. Mrs. Pennings started her employment in January 1993 in the Institute for Biotechnology or RWTH Aachen University under the leadership of Professor Hartmeier. Throughout the whole time, Mrs. Pennings work was always commended and appreciated by all members of the Institute of Biotechnology. We would like to thank Mrs. Pennings for her kindness and her competence which enables us to work smoothly on a daily bases.

Dear Mrs. Pennings, many thanks and here’s to many more years to come!

Your Schwaneberg group

  Congratulations to 25 years of service - Mrs. Pennings Copyright: © Bio VI Congratulations to Mrs. Pennings for 25 years of service; left to right: Marie-Luise Pennings, Anita Modigell, Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg