Congratulations to Catalina Novoa for her successful PhD defense!


We are very delighted and proud to announce that our PhD fellow Catalina Novoa successfully graduated today in presence of family, friends and fellow colleagues.

Her work is entitled “Protein engineering of laccases towards alkaline pH”. Catalina engineered fungal laccases to increase its activity towards the substrate 2,6-dimethoxyphenol at pH 9.0 in a KnowVolution campaign. Furthermore, she worked on a directed evolution campaign of the highly active bacterial phytase towards a broadened pH activity spectrum. Her studies resulted in three publications: KnowVolution of a fungal laccase toward alkaline pH, Directed evolution of an acid Yersinia mollaretii phytase for broad activity at neutral pH und Directed evolution of a bacterial laccase (CueO) for enzymatic biofuel cells.

Catalina worked in the division of Biohybrid Systems under the supervision of Dr. Felix Jakob.

The whole Schwaneberg group congratulates Catalina for her achievement and wishes all the best and good luck for her future. Well done, Cata!


Impressions of Catalina Novoa's PhD defense