iGEM Aachen 2021


Once again, a team of dedicated students from Aachen participated in the iGEM competition. With the project "Storagene - Using DNA for Digital Long-Term Data Storage", the iGEM team Aachen dealt with the use of DNA as data storage and established a semi-specific enzymatic DNA synthesis method. DNA, with its high storage density and very long shelf life, is an ideal way to store information securely over long periods. This can counteract data loss, which will become a significant problem for mankind, especially in archives.

This year's iGEM team won not only a gold medal but also the prize for the best hardware. It also placed in the top 10 of all teams and was nominated for best software tool, best integrated human practices work, best model, best wiki, and best presentation video.

As every year, Prof. Wiechert, Prof. Schwaneberg and Prof. Blank supervised the project. The Chair of Biotechnology (ABBt) as well as the Institute of Applied Microbiology (iAMB) supported the laboratory work by providing laboratory space. In the laboratory, the team received extensive advice and support from Dr. Alexander Boes (DWI - Leibnitz Institute for Interactive Materials).

Prizes won:

  • Gold Medal
  • Within Top 10 overall ranking
  • Best Hardware


  • Best Software Tool
  • Best Integrated Human Practices
  • Best Model
  • Best Wiki
  • Best Presentation
  • Best fundamental progress
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