4-AAP-Assay: An End-Point Assay Based on 4-Aminoantipyrine That Reacts With Phenolic Compounds


Standard deviation: 10.6 %
Absorbance at 509 and 600 nm
Detection limit: 50 µM
Linear detection range: 50-800 µM

Used for directed evolution of P450 BM-3 toward:

  • aromatic compounds &
  • identification of novel aromatic and o-heterocyclic compounds


JBS-cover: 4AAP April 2005 JBS-cover: 4AAP April 2005 Wong, T. S., Wu, N., Roccatano, D., Zacharias, M. and Schwaneberg, U. (2005) Sensitive assay for laboratory evolution of hydroxylases toward aromatic and heterocyclic compounds, J. Biomol. Screen. 10, 246-252. (cover page)