Process Analysis and Reorganization

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The purpose of the PuL project is not only the introduction of the new campus management system RWTHonline, but rather also the reorganization of processes and procedures in the area of exam and course management that operate independent of software.

In order to do both goals justice, the PuL team first analyzed and evaluated all processes that take place at RWTH Aachen in learning and teaching, together with representatives from the faculties, student body, Central University Administration, and the IT Center.

Afterwards, the processes were described how they should ideally work at RWTH Aachen. These so-called target processes were defined in the PuL sub projects course of study modeling, semester planning, and participant and performance management by work groups every week from the beginning of 2011 to the beginning of 2012. Their complexity was reduced at the same time in order to create the best basis possible for implementing the software. Unified and and transparent processes played an important role in this process.


Reorganization Independent of Software

A number of organizational processes can be optimized before the introduction of the integrated campus management system RWTHonline, such as the further development of existing courses of study.

Target processes that can be shaped independent of software implementation are documented in the form of guidelines within the framework of the PuL project. The guidelines describe both tasks that arise with the further development of an existing course of study and the collaboration between individual actors. They can be viewed by all RWTH employees and students.

For further information on PuL, please refer to our website PuL in the New Teaching and Learning Process Portal.