PuL Interim Solutions


A few IT interim solutions developed internally at RWTH are currently helping, where the need for action is greatest, until the university-wide introduction of RWTHonline, planned for the 2018/2019 winter semester.


Student Account Statement

Example of a student account printout

As of March 2012, students are actively informed of their current academic standing or exam registration status. A so-called student account statement is being developed similar to electronic account statements from banks. Students will be informed as soon as their monthly generated statement is available,.

Students can view, download, and print out their personal account statements in CAMPUS Office. The monthly statements will remained saved in CAMPUS Office, so that the registration and grade status can be retrieved any time the statement is prepared. All exam registrations, that is regular registrations and automatic re-registrations, withdrawals, and non-admittals are marked in color on the statement. This helps student maintain an overview and more easily review the course of their studies.


Synchronization of Different Software Systems for Exam Administration

The IT Center has programmed a synchronization bridge for all Bachelor and Master students. This ensures that all individuals involved can view and understand the same data despite different software systems. The Central Examination Office currently uses the system HISPOS, while lecturers and students primarily use the CAMPUS system from the company CAS. A synchronization bridge was programmed as a connecting element. This expansion of the bridge to include synchronization of registration lists has result in the following, after two semesters of pilot use:

  • Generation of a registration list for exam administration including the registration status in CAMPUS
  • Individuals identified with the lecturer roll will be notified of status changes in registrations (collected)
  • Quality improvement of data by depicting defined, agreed upon processes (the bridge provides an alarm for each undefined or unknown status)

Earlier this year, the success of the evaluation bridge was evaluated, with overall positive results. First suggestions for improvement have been implemented. For additional information, please see the Evaluation Report (de).


Grade Checklist

Grade checklist

The grade checklists, the third interim solution, offer a better overview of grade entry. The checklists make is possible for examiners and the Central Examination Office to find missing or incomplete entries. This allows mistakes to be recognized and fixed early on. Students profit from this accelerated grade entry, since dependant processes such as the provision of official academic transcripts can be started more quickly.